Commercial Graffiti & Gum Removal Services

Graffiti Removal Services in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland

Graffiti Removal Services In Delaware

Graffiti is a form of vandalism. Repainting your property is also very costly. Cut cost and save time by allowing us to restore the beauty of your property to what it once was. Keep your property looking appealing and welcoming to new and existing customers. A property that has been defaced by graffiti can deter customers from entering your place of business.


We use industry standard equipment and cleaners to remove graffiti from your property. Protect and restore the image of your place of business by contacting us today.

Gum Removal Services in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland

Gum Removal Services

A sanitary, clean commercial property will lead to more customers! We can remove gum and other food stains from your place of business. Old used gum around your property contains bacteria and gives of an unprofessional impression. As difficult as it is to remove sticky chewing gum, you can rely on Don’s Power Washing & Exterior Detailers to professionally remove gum from your property surfaces by utilizing safe pressure washing techniques.


We can help keep your business clean with gum free surfaces.