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Power Washing Services

Pressure Washing is done on all ground surfaces. This involves an application being applied to all the ground surfaces with a twenty minute dwell time to allow the cleaners to extract the dirt. In addition, we use surface cleaners to cleanse these areas. After this is done the area is lightly rinsed and a post application is applied.

Your home is your greatest asset and you should always entrust its care to professionals, especially when it comes to exterior cleaning. Pressure washing a house is no small job and it is one that needs to be done with care and done right.

Don’s Power Washing and Roof Cleaning spends a little longer than most other pressure washing companies, giving the house a thorough cleaning from top to bottom.

House & Roof Washing Services

Our Local Roof Cleaning Services involves an application being applied to the roof’s infected areas and rinsed off after about an hour dwell time.

Your roof may easily be the most valuable part of your home’s exterior and yet is often the most neglected. Algae, moss, mold and dirt can build up and erode the shingles, diminishing the lifetime of your roof surace and causing general unsightliness.

Don’s Power Washing and Roof Cleaning uses a very gentle, environmentally responsible detergent and lets it soak for 30 minutes to an hour so that it can pull out the dirt and break down the algae.

Concrete & Deck Washing Services

Enjoy your outdoor space again and restore your driveway, walkway, patio, porch or deck area to a more vibrant aesthetically pleasing look. This service is available for both residential and commercial customers. Keep your property protected and restore its beauty today!

Heated water available also when needed.

Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter Cleaning involves all debris being removed by hand, power washed or garden hosed depending on the situation.

Sagging gutters on an otherwise beautiful and healthy home are not only an eyesore, but can also lead to worsening problems with leaks, mold and wind-related losses.

Whether it is a routine cleaning on up to preventative anchoring or patching, a little attention to your gutters will enhance your home’s appearance as well as eliminate problems down the road.

Commercial Property Cleaning Services

Keeping your commercial property clean allows you to present a professional appearance to your customers and the public. At Don’s Power Washing & Exterior Detailers, you can count on us to provide professional, affordable cleaning solution for your commercial property.

We specialize in commercial concrete cleaning, dumpster pad cleaning, grease removal, commercial power washing services, and more. From oil, grease build-up, gum, graffiti vandalism, and more, Don’s Power Washing will thoroughly and professionally clean both the interior and exterior of your business.

Graffiti & Gum Removal Services

Graffiti Removal Services

Graffiti is a form of vandalism. Repainting your property is also very costly. Cut cost and save time by allowing us to restore the beauty of your property to what it once was. Keep your property looking appealing and welcoming to new and existing customers. A property that has been defaced by graffiti can deter customers from entering your place of business.

We use industry standard equipment and cleaners to remove graffiti from your property. Protect and restore the image of your place of business by contacting us today.

Gum Removal Services

A sanitary, clean commercial property will lead to more customers! We can remove gum and other food stains from your place of business. Old used gum around your property contains bacteria and gives of an unprofessional impression. As difficult as it is to remove sticky chewing gum, you can rely on Don’s Power Washing & Exterior Detailers to professionally remove gum from your property surfaces by utilizing safe pressure washing techniques.

We can help keep your business clean with gum free surfaces.